Babysitting Camp – Day 1

With much grumbling about being too old for camp and other such comments, I dropped my daughter off at babysitting camp this morning. I really am hoping she enjoys it and finds it worthwhile. I really used the fact that this is step towards her getting a job to win her over to the idea. My ulterior motive is that it gets her out of the house for a bit, allows her to meet new people and, hopefully, distracts her from constantly worrying about her acne.

I am worried about the fact that both of us seem so focussed on her skin, if it’s improved, whether the latest products are working and how she looks. Because she’s off school right now, it just gives her that much more time to analyze her skin as she has a lot less to think about. I have been trying to keep her busy, but like any girl her age, motivation is a serious issue. I’m sure if she had her way, she would stay in her pjs all week!

Developing good social skills is important in life, and learning to develop them in different situations even more so. Plus, with the fact that high school is looming, having her attend babysitting camp takes on a whole new meaning. Of course, some of her friends will be going to the same high school that she is, but not all of them. Also, there are going to be a lot more kids she doesn’t know. The high school she is attending is a good school, but it’s also a big school and there are probably at least five times the number of students there compared to the school she just left.

Of course, babysitting camp pales in comparison to starting the first day of high school, but at least she can have the experience of being out of her comfort zone and doing something without the safety blanket of her friends to hide behind. I’m hoping that she might meet some kids that are also going to the same school as her. The great thing about babysitting camp is that it isn’t for just kids her age. The information said that anyone between 11 and 15 can attend, so this should give her a range of people to interact with. Fingers crossed that it all goes well and she enjoys herself as she has four more days after this!


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