Preparing for the Pool Party

Well the good news is that my daughter has agreed to go to her friend’s birthday pool party tomorrow. Yesterday, we went on a shopping trip to get her ready for the party tomorrow. Of course, we had to get a birthday present, and also, her new bathing suit, but also, I wanted to get her some new sunscreen for her face.

Many people are reluctant to wear sunscreen if they have acne. There are many misconceptions about mixing sunscreen with acne. One of the most prominent is that using a sunscreen will increase the oiliness of a person’s face, which will then make their acne worse. In fact, by choosing the right sunscreen, your face will not be oilier. Also, not wearing a sunscreen can make your acne worse, plus it can cause a lot more severe problems.

Many acne medications make the skin that much more sensitive to the sun. This means that the damaging UV rays produced by the sun can be that much more of a problem for people who suffer with acne. Not only can the skin become irritated when it is exposed to the sun for any length of time, but also sunburn can be more likely. Additionally, cell damage can be a lot more widespread and can be a factor in increasing the risk of skin cancer.

I didn’t want to scare my daughter, but I also believe in her having all the information to hand when she makes a decision, or when I insist she do something. After the sunburn incident a few weeks ago, I was pretty adamant about her wearing sunscreen all the time. Not just on her face, but on her body. Yesterday, my goal was to find an excellent sunscreen for her face, and give her the relevant reasons for why she should use it.

Because she spends so much time outside, and especially tomorrow when the water in the pool can reflect the rays and make her exposure to the sun that much more, I’ve decided that SPF 15 is just not high enough. Also, I’ve investigated non-comedogenic sunscreens (ones that don’t block pores) that are free from oil. I know this is going to cost me a bit more than buying just regular sunscreen, but I’ve decided on a Neutrogena sunscreen that is oil free and has an SPF of 45. This is specifically for her face, and she does have regular SPF 15 sun lotion already that she can use on her body. All she needs to remember is to re-apply it when she gets out of the pool.


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