An Improvement?

I hate to say anything, but I really do think that my daughter’s acne has improved. I’m wary to bring up the subject as I don’t want to get her hopes up if it’s just me thinking her skin has improved, and also, I don’t want her to think that all I do is analyze her skin every time she comes into the room. I would much rather she initiate the conversation, but I’m not sure if she has noticed.

Because we are both looking at her skin every day, it’s hard to determine if there has been a change or not. I’m sure it’s improving, but it’s not like she has woken up one morning with a face that is completely clear of acne. The improvement is gradual and in small increments each day, which makes it a lot harder to notice.

As it’s summer, my daughter also has a tan. She has been pretty good about using suntan lotion most of the time, but even still, being out in the sun has given her some color. I wonder if it’s the fact that her face is tanned that is masking the acne? I have read that acne can get better in the summer for some people, so maybe this is what is happening. I hope it isn’t just that as I don’t want her skin to get worse once the weather changes.

Some days, this really does feel like walking a tightrope. Balancing between helping her, and at the same time trying to not make her self-conscious. The years ahead are definitely going to be tricky ones. Everyone remembers what it was like to be a teenager and how important it was to fit in with everyone else. The last thing any teen wants is to have a reason to be considered different, and feeling like they look different, even worse, than other teens and how that affects my daughter’s self-esteem is a real concern for me, particularly when she starts high school this fall.


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