Pool Party Invite

Today, we have had a bit of drama at our place. When the mail arrived this morning, there was an invitation to a birthday party for my daughter. At first, she was pretty happy about it as it’s from a good friend of hers and she had been expecting it. That all changed when she opened the invite to find out that her friend was having a pool party. To top it off, the pool party is next weekend …

Although her skin does seem to be improving, it’s definitely not perfect and she knows that it’s going to take some time. What she is worried about is that she will develop new (bigger) pimples on the day of the party or just before, and if she does, how she can cover them up. If she’s swimming, she’s worried that any cover up she uses will just wash off leaving her pimples out for everyone to see. To add to the stress, boys have been invited to the party as well as girls.

Needless to say, when she realized it was a pool party, she stated outright that she wasn’t going and stormed up to her room when I tried to reason with her. So, I’ve been left with the task of how to convince her that everything will be fine and I’ve come up with the following:

  • Stick to her acne routine for the upcoming time and be very strict about it. Keeping to her cleansing routine will help get rid of any pimples she has and will hopefully help to stop any new ones from appearing.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid pop and juice to help flush any toxins from her body and keep her hydrated and her skin healthy.
  • Find a sunscreen for her face that has a high SPF as her skin is sensitive due to the Dermaclear. Ideally, I want to find one that has some tint too  so it can be used to cover any pimples on her face. Otherwise, I’ll get her a waterproof coverup stick that she can use on her pimples. Usually, I don’t like her to wear makeup, but as this is a special occasion, I’ve decided to allow it.

As an extra treat, I’m going to see if I can convince her to go to the pool party and to come shopping with me by offering to get her a new bathing suit. Target has some super cute ones this year that I’ve seen her admiring and they are not that expensive either.




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