Family Garden Update

I’m pleasantly surprised by the interest that everyone has taken in the garden we planted. Not only are they constantly checking on how our plants are doing, and watching everything grow, I’ve even managed to get them all to help with weeding and the general maintenance of the plants. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how things are going and how well our little crop is turning out.

This probably wasn’t the easiest year to start a garden, as we went from a very wet spring to a ridiculously hot summer almost overnight. We have had to keep a special eye on how the plants were doing and lately have been watering almost every day. The good thing is that while some of our veggies seem a bit behind schedule, we are starting to pick some of them.

The list that we initially came up with ended up being a bit over exuberant, so we settled on tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, potatoes, peas, carrots, raspberries and a lot of fresh herbs. After getting some advice from friends and family, and the local garden center, I tried to pick some of the easier plants to grow. I figured that by increasing the chances of success, I would increase the chance of them staying interested … and it looks like my plans paid off.

When we purchased the plants, we bought a combination of small plants and packets of seeds to plant. The veggies went in the garden, while the strawberries were planted in a strawberry pot and the herbs were planted into window boxes. The raspberry canes were planted in a back corner of the garden, as I was warned they would spread a lot.

The fruits of our labor have started to pay off. We have had some fresh tomatoes, plenty of fresh herbs and the strawberries did very well … well the ones we were able to get to before the birds ate them! I didn’t even realize that robins love strawberries and that I would have to put a net over the plants. Chalk that one up to experience.

One other benefit to having our own little crop of fresh veggies is that both my son and daughter have gotten a lot more interested in what we are eating. They want to eat stuff they have picked from the garden and want to try all kinds of new recipes that lets them experiment with their new crop. Who know making healthy eating could be so easy and so fun? Hopefully, this will last.


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