Babysitting Camp

Well the saga about my daughter wanting to get a job continues. I really do think she is too young to work, and most places agree with me, but I think I have come up with a compromise that will work … babysitting.

There are a lot of families in our neighborhood with younger children and also, we have relatives and family friends who also need a babysitter from time to time, so I think this could be a great source of income for my daughter. And while she doesn’t have any experience yet, I have come across a way to get her the experience she needs, as well as enrol her in an activity this summer … babysitting camp.

When camp was first suggested in the spring, my son was all over the idea. We actually had to limit the number of camps he went to. If he had his way, we would never see him, he has that many interests. Of course, that can get to be expensive, so he was allowed to choose one for July and one for August. My daughter’s response couldn’t have been any more different if we tried. She was “too grown up” for camp and didn’t want to go at all. Instead, her idea of summer was lazing around and doing nothing. I don’t think so.

Babysitting camp seems to be the perfect compromise. It is a way for her to get a job and also it will get her out of the house and doing something for at least a few days this summer. Unbeknownst to her, I have been doing some research and found an excellent camp later in the month. I have already enrolled her as there weren’t that many spots left. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it later, even if there is some initial resistance.

The babysitting camp I chose is run by the YMCA. Not only does it provide tips on how to look after children, it also includes a first aid training section and how to prevent accidents from happening. Also, because the camp is held at the YMCA, the kids in the camp get to actually work with children in the daycare center at the Y. Instead of just theory, they get hands on practice in looking after and entertaining young children. Finally, this camp is for boys and girls from 12 – 15, so I think it will be a great way for her to meet new people besides her friends from school.



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