I can’t believe it! After spending so much time discussing her skin and how to care for it, my daughter has a sunburn!

Yesterday, since she was so good on July 4, I let her spend the day at her friend’s house. It was a scorcher so I knew they were basically going to be spending the day in the pool. I was a little reluctant at first as both of her friend’s parents work and they would be home alone, but they are 13 now and her friend only lives a couple of blocks away, so I gave in and let her go.

Before she left to walk over, we went over everything … remember to drink plenty of water and not just drink pop. If they were hungry and wanted lunch, but didn’t know what to have, they were to come home. To try and not eat too much junk food during the day. To remember to put on sun lotion, especially on her face as her acne treatments can make her skin that much more sensitive. Just to be sure, I helped her pack her bag with a towel, her cell phone, a bottle of water and a bottle of sun lotion (with an SPF of 25).

I have to admit, behavior wise, she is getting much better. She called when she arrived and then later that afternoon she called again to ask if she could stay for supper. How could I say no to such a responsible girl? Finally, at about 9 last night, I went to pick her up. She had had a long day and didn’t last long before heading to bed, so it was a shock to me this morning when she came downstairs almost in tears holding her t-shirt away from her back and walking gingerly.

When I lifted her top, her back was bright red and I could feel the heat coming off of it. I couldn’t believe it. I asked her why she hadn’t put on sun lotion as we discussed before she left. She told me she did on her face and arms, but since she was swimming she thought her back would be in the water and wouldn’t need it. I know she is in a lot of pain, so although I’m extremely angry, I’m trying to not make her feel worse than she already does. I have dug up some cooling aloe gel for her, but this basically changes all of our plans for the next few days as she can’t go outside in this heat. So frustrating!


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