Lazy Days of Summer are Upon Us

June always marks the last days of school; a bittersweet time! At this point school is over and the lazy days of summer are now upon us. Summer goes by so quickly. As soon as you know it August has rolled around and you can’t put a finger on what you did with those free hours. I am glad that I made some special plans with the kids early in the summer season otherwise the time would fly by. We aren’t planning any elaborate vacations this year so we will have to get creative with our day trips and fun outings. 

I do adjust my work schedule when school ends, out of necessity and of course for sanity’s sake It is hard to concentrate when I have extra noise around me so I tend to get up earlier or stay up later to get my projects completed. While I enjoy having the kids around it is sometimes harder to stay focused so I need to do some adjusting to get my own things done. My schedule seems to be largely governed by the school year.

When school ends the kids need a few days to adjust to the freedom of not having to get up, eat and get on the bus and come home and do homework. Going from too much to do to not enough takes some adjustment. For the first few days they tend to be up about the same time but it only takes a few days for the sleeping in and rolling out of bed and to the television to become an all too familiar habit.

I will give them a few days to enjoy their summer schedule but I informed them that they can’t be hanging around the house all day watching television. They are getting old enough to start helping a little more around the house. They are still kids so I won’t push too hard but I do know that boredom will set in sooner than later. While the summer goes quick, too much free time is not always the best thing for kids.

My daughter again reminds me that she wouldn’t be hanging around the house if I would let her get a job. My son says that he can go to work with daddy for the summer so he doesn’t have to do chores. Instead I gave them a list of things to do and told them we would talk about other summer activities like jobs and summer camps and day trips when dad was around to help us plan these as a family. I have a feeling it is going to be a very long summer!


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