A Trip to the Sauna Might be Good for the Complexion

It seems about time for another one those days where I carve out time for each of my kids to spend doing something special alone with each of them. Transition from school to summer can be difficult for parents as well as kids. It isn’t that the kids aren’t excited about the free time and the warm weather but sometimes going from such a stringent routine to days full of freedom can be hard. In an effort to make the most of our free time it seems fitting to start making some summer plans.

I was thinking that my son and I could head off for a fun filled day at the arcade and then end with some ice cream and a stop at the kiddy go-kart track. Those are just a few of his favorite things to do. I was thinking that my daughter and I could make an appointment at the sauna. It is something that she has never done before and it is said to be good for the complexion. After the sauna that we will head to the mall for a few new summer outfits. I was really excited to tell them abut our special plans.

After checking my calendar I decided my son and I would be having our special day at the end of the week. I did check with my daughter to make sure her calendar was free for Saturday. Luckily I was able to get an appointment at a day spa in the area for the two of us for this Saturday. My daughter was pleased with the idea of going to a spa.

I have heard that saunas are excellent for skin tone as well as acne. The steam from the sauna causes you to sweat out the bacteria and toxins that are lying dormant in the skin. As the pores open up it causes the skin to detoxify itself while you are just sitting in the sauna relaxing. Some claim that their skin is softer and looks so much healthier after going to the sauna. Many people with acne visit the sauna a few times a week to clear up their acne and others do it to prevent acne. It isn’t a bad concept, just an expensive one.

The infrared saunas are said to be even better than the traditional saunas. The infrared heat rays are safe and allow people to stay in the sauna for longer because the temperatures are not as high as the conventional saunas. The rays are said to be very safe and beneficial to the skin. For now we are sticking with the traditional sauna for this appointment but if all goes well maybe our next trip can be to one of those fancy infrared saunas. I hope that my daughter will benefit from our trip in more ways than one.


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