Time to Re-order Dermaclear – Already?

It’s time already to order our replenishment of Dermaclear. We started the treatment just about early May. We started about a week after we received the shipment. It was right about that same time my daughter was just finishing her two week bout of no treatments. I was originally hopeful that the instructions were also correct stating that it would work in two weeks. I have to also remember, as does my daughter, that that the two-week timeframe is the best case scenario and is not the case for everyone who uses it. The big bold term that states RESULTS VARY is important when evaluating the timeframe for an acne treatment to work. I am still always hopeful that we will be in the group that has the quickest results.

When my daughter told me her bottle of Dermaclear All-In-One Formula was feeling really light I immediately got on-line and reordered another 3 week supply. She did say she was also getting low on her moisturizer so I thought I would take a chance and order a tube of the moisturizer also offered through the Dermaclear website. The cost is $16.00 plus shipping costs for a two ounce bottle of the All-In-One Formula which is supposed to last just about 3 weeks with a daily application.

I did order the Dermaclear moisturizer but since she has been using another kind of moisturizer I am not going to introduce any new products without first consulting with the dermatologist. I know it is only a moisturizer but even any small change in regimes could affect the status of her treatments so it is best that we talk with the dermatologist before making even the smallest of changes.

My daughter didn’t say anything other than she was getting low on her supply. Her hopes still seem to be up there for this to work, so I am going to leave well enough alone for now by not saying anything. Some treatments that she has been on were so cumbersome and complex to apply at multiple times throughout the day that it couldn’t help by remind her every few hours that she has acne. The one good thing about the simple easy once a day Dermaclear treatment is that it takes a little of the attention away from the fact that she has to use an acne treatment at all. I am still hopeful that Dermaclear will show some results.


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