A Zumba Class at School

I checked the school website the other day. The school has this new feature on the website that is a parent portal where you can check in on the status of your child’s grades and attendance. There is also a spot where events and school related news are posted. I check it periodically just to keep up to date with what is going on. I noticed that there are some interesting classes being offered through the summer months. I have never really been one to get involved in many of the things offered through the school, not because I don’t find them valuable but rather because of a lack of time. When the school asks for volunteers for classroom activities and field trips I am more than willing to help out but I really have never thought much about getting involved with school sponsored classes.

The Zumba class starting in June really sparked my interest. Zumba is a type of fitness program that combines different types of international music that with fast and slow beats with various different dance moves. It sounds a bit more interesting than jazzercise or aerobics and definitely more exciting than my routine walks around the block. I really want to set a healthy example for my kids. Leading a healthy lifestyle means eating right, taking care of your body and staying fit. Typically people that drink enough water, exercise regularly and eat right have better skin. For my daughter anything that can help her to win her battle with acne is worth a try.

I approached my daughter about Zumba class and got an inquisitive stare from her. I explained to her what it was and asked her if she and one of her friends would like to join this. In an effort to entice her before she said no I offered to pay for both of them and told her that would be my birthday gift to her. The class is once a week for the month of June and is only $20.00 per person. I figured I could spare $60.00 to get my daughter excited about something.

Not only will the class be a good way to get us both exercising but it would get her more involved with something and allow her to spend some time with her friends. While her friends have been more lately I still have a feeling that she is isolating a bit more these days. She isn’t involved in any sports, isn’t going to the prom and school will be done in about a month. It is important for her self-esteem as well as her health that she keeps up some kind of social agenda.

She agreed to the Zumba, much to my surprise. I told her that I was really looking forward to it and thanked her for doing it with me. I was waiting for a big “NO WAY MOM” but instead I was pleasantly surprised that she was so agreeable.


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