It’s Prom Time

I haven’t mentioned anything to my daughter about the prom but I can’t help but I wonder; will she go? It’s coming up in about two weeks and not a word from her about it. I know that her self-esteem is still a little low mostly because of her acne which may contribute to her disinterest in the prom.   

Since her high school is fairly small, all of the high school students are invited to the prom, it is not just open to the juniors and seniors. This would really be her first opportunity to go to the prom. In the past she has gone to a few of the school dances but one was a costume dance where she was able to hide her acne under a costume and the others she was kind of talked into by her friends and didn’t need a “date.”

Those of us who have gone to the prom know it is definitely a different kind of dance, not one that you can decide the day before that you’d like to attend. Typically she would need a date and would have to shop for a dress and all of that stuff that she doesn’t really get very excited about. The time is passing quickly and I have to assume that she isn’t going or she would have mentioned to me the need for a dress or a ride or money or something!

I wonder if I should ask her about it or just let it go. I hate the fact that these high school opportunities are passing her by because she doesn’t like how she looks. Acne is something that many people in high school struggle with but when you are a teenager generally you are the center of your universe. Knowing that other people struggle with an issue doesn’t make it better for you. Especially in the early teenage years, 13, 14 and 15 it is hard to see the bigger picture and it is even harder not to think that there is anything worse than having acne.

My husband advised me to let it go and not put any pressure on her about going to the prom. He is usually very grounded when it comes to matters like this. He doesn’t let his emotions cloud his good judgment. Sometimes I listen to his advice and other times I do the complete opposite. This time I chose to listen to him and I haven’t said one word to my daughter about the prom, although I wanted to. I can only hope that her acne will get better and next year at this time rather than avoiding these high school milestones she will be getting excited about them because she feels better about how she looks and feels.


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