Happy 14th Birthday on May 27th

May is a busy month for many families. The weather is finally is warming up, which means a shift in some of the activities and schedules that we have gotten used to during the dreary winter months. School is nearing an end Memorial Day celebrations are coming up and prom time is approaching. For us as a family, we will also celebrate my daughter’s 14th birthday at the end of the month. Her birthday is on May 27th, which is a Friday this year and the same weekend that most Memorial Day picnics, parades and parties also take place. In my family that particular weekend is always packed for us.

Just to get a jump start on the busy weekend that is soon to come I asked my daughter what she might like to do. Of course my question was met with a shrug of her shoulders. I reminded her that her 14th birthday is just around the corner and that she should think of something that she would like to do or we will have no choice but to surprise her. “Mom, my birthday is no big deal, we don’t have to do anything special,” she said. I reminded her that her birthday is a big deal to her family and that we want to celebrate even if she doesn’t. “Not doing anything is not an option,” I said. She shrugged again and said “whatever.” I do know that she has never been one who is comfortable in the spotlight so I have to keep that in mind.

I talked to my extended family and my son and husband and we decided to host a picnic here on Saturday in honor of our daughter’s birthday and Memorial Day. My son agreed to keep his ears open for ideas about a gift for her. We asked everyone to bring something we will pick up drinks and meat for grilling and we will have a picnic in the yard. I will tell my daughter to invite her friends also. Since she doesn’t want to make a big deal of her birthday we will do something low key but still celebratory in her honor. We have a cousin who is a DJ and I am planning on asking him to come over later in the afternoon just to liven things up. It should be a fun day. It will be low key enough to not put the spotlight on my daughter but significant enough for her to know that we will always celebrate her birthday.


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