Should I Start Preparing for Summer Now?

As the winter slowly leaves us and the warm weather sets in I start thinking of all of the little details that I learned about dealing with acne in the summer months. Should I start preparing for summer now? It comes so quickly! Last summer was a definitely learning experience for me. Having a child that suddenly became not only a teenager but a teenage with acne was a double whammy for me as a parent. I found myself dealing with acne and then realizing that when the seasons change you have to switch gears and pay attention to a whole new set of potential problems.

You have to treat acne a little bit differently in the summer than you do in the winter. Last year I realized that just when I had a handle on the acne treatments for winter, summer came and threw me for a loop. Summer brings a whole new set of acne troubles. The heat, the air conditioning, the sun, swimming and sweat all put a different spin on how you treat acne prone skin. It seems that by the time May and June rolled around I had to relearn everything.

Well, this year I am coming into summer much more prepared than I was last year. I gave myself a pat on the back for writing down all of those little details that I learned from last summer. Now that my daughter is using Dermaclear and will be continuing to do so probably through the summer, I have to identify some necessary summer skin care products that will work with her current acne treatment.

Knowing is half the battle so I consider myself well ahead of the game this year. I know what I have to do ahead of time so now it is just about doing it. I made my list of things to things to pay attention to this year.

  • Read the instructions for Dermaclear to see if there are any changes that need to be made for the summer treatments.
  • Finding appropriate summer time products that will work with and not against Dermaclear.
  • Purchasing sunscreens made specifically for acne prone skin.
  • Locating a moisturizer that doesn’t require constant reapplication
  • Dealing with the sweat and oily skin that comes with the heat and getting
  • Getting her back on a schedule to make sure she washes her face more frequently than she does in the winter to get rid of the sweat and oil caused by the heat and the activities that she does outdoors.

While last summer was trial by fire I feel much more knowledgeable and prepared this summer for dealing with her acne. It makes it even easier now that we have a dermatologist in our corner to help give suggestions and let us know that we are on track with our treatments.


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