No School Pictures

My daughter informed me as she handed me the notice from the school that she was NOT getting her picture taken this year. The memo was sent home to parents informing us that it is almost time for yearly school pictures. She reluctantly handed it to me as she adamantly informed me that she was not participating. I know why she doesn’t want her picture taken, it is the same reason why she didn’t want to go to the dances in the past or get involved in school events. She feels self-conscious about how she looks which carries over to how she feels about herself. 

Granted, I think that she has been a little less focused on her acne since she started her new treatment but her feelings of self-consciousness do still linger about and cause her to become stubborn and refuse to participate in events such as this. It seems that the traditional school events and activities that require her to be social tend to cause her to retreat and not want to participate, like the yearly school pictures.

I am not going to make her get her picture taken because it is not worth the battle, but I did have to let her know that I wish she would reconsider getting her school pictures taken. I reminded her that the pictures are one of the ways that she will be able to remember school and have a keepsake about who she is and what she looked like at 13. I also told her that I do understand that while she doesn’t want to remember that her face is not as clear as she would like it to be right now, it is still who she is right now. In 20 years when she wants to remember what she looked like at 13 she won’t have that school picture to help her remember.

“Don’t you want to remember what you look like at 13?” I asked her. “Not really,” she replied.  “Well, I would like to remember what you look like at 13,” I told her. “Just remember that you are not always going to have acne, someday you will look back at this time in your life and think of it as just one more hurdle you overcame,” I said to her. “Lots of people get through acne and you will too,” I reminded her.

The school pictures are not that important to me, actually my daughter forgets that even without the school pictures we still have hundreds of pictures of both kids at every phase of life, her included, with and without acne. I just hate to have her not do something because she doesn’t like the way she looks.


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