Conflicting Information About Beans and Acne

Not too long ago after learning that beans were a food that naturally combats acne, I was seriously pushing the bean dishes on my unsuspecting family. Since beans are also a very healthy food I figured that we would all benefit from having more of them in our diet. Beans and green tea have definitely become a core part of our regular meals over the past few months. I still do try to disguise the bean dishes because I don’t want my family to know that I have an ulterior motive. Surprisingly no one is on to me yet!   

I do know that people with acne should stay away from foods that are naturally high in acid. While I knew about the acid content I guess I never really thought that beans were in the high acid category. It seems that some beans including; chick peas, kidney and red beans, black and white beans and pinto beans are among those foods that have a high acid content. It is interesting the little facts we find out the more we read. It was also interesting to find out that while I would consider a tomato as having more acid than beans, actually it was quite the opposite.

Naturally acidic foods like beans create an imbalance in the body’s pH levels and can cause acne in those that may be prone to it while foods with alkaline like tomatoes actually balance out these levels and can prevent or reduce acne breakouts. The specific type of acid in some foods once ingested works in the body to reduce the level of acid in the food and actually decrease the likelihood of acne breakouts. It is not necessarily that beans are bad for you; rather it just means that for those people with acne it may not be good to eat them all of the time.

The way that the body digests certain foods actually helps fight acne. The body digests foods with acid differently than it digests foods with alkaline. According to this new information I have been doing things all wrong!  Certain beans, while they are good for you, are actually not good for acne prone skin. Some of the foods that are good for people with acne are carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, lemons, peaches, almonds and even garlic.

Learning this new information has actually made things a little bit easier for me. I don’t think that my bean dishes have contributed to my daughter’s acne but they certainly don’t seem to have prevented it in any significant way. Rather than continuing to try and come up with new and exciting bean dishes I have much more of a variety of good acne fighting foods to choose from.  I am sure my family will be appreciative of all of my new information because now the bean meals may just be a little less frequent.


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