How About a Facial Steam?

I came across the idea of a facial steam from an advertisement in one of those beauty magazines that I was reading the other day while I was in the waiting room at the dentist. It sparked my interest because it is thought to be an effective way to treat acne. When I got home later that day I did some more searching on facial steams.

It seems that as with anything there are pros and cons to treating acne with facial steams. I am not looking to treat my daughter’s acne with a facial steam but rather just compliment the treatment we are already using. I read that using facial steams repeatedly can cause redness and inflammation to the skin from the constant application of heat. People who use these as a regular acne treatment may actually make their acne look worse because the heat and moisture irritates the skin and reddens the face.  It may not cause acne to get worse but just to look worse.

The biggest benefit of a facial steam seems to be the relief offered for dry, itchy skin. I wish I had learned about this earlier so we could have used it in the winter. We all could have benefited from a little moisture in our skin during the dry cold winter months. Applying heat also gives your complexion a little glow, which makes facial steams good for even people that don’t suffer from acne.

Facial steams can be done a couple of different ways. We could go to a high end beauty salon and pay a lot of money for a professional facial steam and some pampering, we could purchase a facial steam machine from a beauty supply store or we could do a make shift one at home using a good old pan, some boiling water and a towel. My favorite option is the third one because it will cost less and it is something we could do together at home on a Friday night.

I approached my daughter and asked her, “how about trying a facial steam tonight”? She shrugged and said “sure, what is that”? I explained to her that we were going with the low budget facial steam and told her how it worked. She was all for it.

We each gathered our supplies which included; two pans, two bath towels and put the tea kettle on the stove to boil our water. We washed our face while were waiting for the water to boil. When the water was ready we poured it into each of our pans and put our faces over our pans and put the towels over our head to capture the steam onto our faces. We made sure not to get too close to avoid burning ourselves. We did this until there was no steam left in our pans and then boiled more water and refilled one more time. In total it took about 20 minutes or so to complete our facial steams.

The facial steam was fun. We both agreed that our skin felt fresh, clean and smooth and it did even have a little bit of a glow to it .It was something a little bit different for us to do together and as long as we don’t do it every day I can see that it probably does offer some benefit to the skin. I would definitely do it again.


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