I Think Her Skin May be a Little Bit Clearer

The best part of starting a new skin care treatment is the anticipation. This is it, this is the one that is finally going to work, are the thoughts that usually go through my head at the start of each new product. The hope that a new product may just be the answer to her acne is like a new start.

My daughter was very anxious the last few weeks. When the doctor told her to give her face a break from the treatments it was as if she went into panic mode.  She was particularly agreeable when the doctor gave her the OK to start Dermaclear. In fact it was as if she was relieved. For a teenager two weeks seems like forever, especially when it feels as if you are just sitting around waiting for something to change. I do understand her eagerness to be rid of this acne. This has been no picnic for me either, so I am just as eager to start seeing some improvements in her skin.

Dermaclear is said to start working within a week. It has been just about a week since starting the treatment. One easy application from one little tube makes the entire process painless. No more applying treatments twice a day from 3 different tubes. The instructions were as simple as they come and my daughter being as eager as she was to start it took away my need to supervise the process as closely as I have had to do in the past.

I may be a wishful thinker, or so eager to see some improvements in her acne that I am delusional, but I really think that I see a small improvement in her skin. I can’t say that the acne is gone or that Dermaclear is some miracle product that works overnight but I can say that she looks smoother and brighter over the last few days. It is hard to put my finger on the exact difference but her skin doesn’t look as dull since she started her treatment. I don’t want to say anything to my daughter just yet. I want to be sure I am really seeing improvements before I open my mouth to her and get her hopes up. As I said it is hard to tell if I am just hoping her acne away or if the treatment is really working this quickly.  Either way, any progress, however small, is long overdue.


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