Her Friends Have Returned

A few weeks ago I couldn’t help but be slightly concerned when I realized that my daughter had been much less social. She had been home more often, not on the phone quite as much and hadn’t had any friends over in weeks. This realization made me wonder if something was going on with her or she had gotten in a teenage girl argument with her friends. When I asked her about this a few weeks ago she told me her friends were “busy”. She also told me without question that she was not interested in getting involved with the things at school that were keeping her friends so “busy” that she wasn’t seeing them very often. I can’t make her hang out with her friends but I do get concerned when I see her isolating. I am sure that much of it has to do with how she feels about her skin and her acne. Starting the Dermaclear may just give her something to look forward to.

I am not sure if it is because the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer or she is just feeling better about herself but I was glad when she asked if I would drive her and two of her girlfriends to the mall next Saturday. It has been well over a month that she has hung out with any of her friends outside of school. I didn’t ask any questions of her but I said “sure”.

Despite the work I had planned to do that morning I was so relieved that her friends were back around that I would gladly rearrange my plans for a Saturday afternoon mall trip with three teenage girls. I told her that I had a few things to do at the mall and I would drop them off for a few hours and we could meet back up. I pushed a little bit by asking her if she wanted to order pizza and have the girls stay for dinner. Without hesitation she replied, “Yea, that’s a good idea, I will ask them”. Having her friends back around is a good sign that she is feeling better about herself which may in fact make her treatments work better.


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