The New Treatment

My daughter was in unusually good mood following our dermatology appointment. I think that her mood could be attributed to the doctor giving her the green light to start a new treatment. For some reason she feels that she is “not doing anything about her zits”, if she is not globing stuff on her face. This is strange to me but it has probably become a habit for her to apply skin care treatments. I guess that she has done this for the past year so it’s natural that putting treatment on is as routine as washing her face. A few months ago I was worried about her forgetting to apply her treatments, not I am worried that she is becoming addicted to them.

We did the online order for Dermaclear All-In-One Formula the same day that we returned home from the appointment. Since we agreed to one more week of no treatments I did not opt for the rush order so it took about a week to get the product.

I only ordered two containers of Dermaclear All-In-One Formula. According to the reviews we will only need this one treatment to see results. Dermaclear does offer other products that include moisturizer, fade cream and cleaners but these products are optional and I will wait until our next appointment to purchase any additional creams. Right now I just want to use one product at a time, rather than having my daughter have to apply multiple creams and ointments.

When the product arrived in the mail, we still had two days of our treatment free agreement, so I took the product and put it away until the day it was supposed to start. I advised my daughter to note in her acne journal how her skin looked and felt on the final day of no treatments and to continue to do that every day after she starts this new treatment. We read all of the instructions the night before she was to start Dermaclear, which were very basic and easy to understand. She happily began her new acne treatment regime before school the following day.


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