The Fourth Dermatology Appointment

The time has come for our fourth appointment with the dermatologist. I reminded my daughter the day before to get her thoughts and journal together. I picked her up from school armed with my list of potential treatments her list of questions and the journal that she has been keeping since her last appointment. 

I was feeling confident that we were well prepared for this appointment. It has been a little over a month since our last appointment and for about two weeks now my daughter has been treatment free. Except for that little setback of her washing her face with bar soap, her skin looks about the same. I do know that she is anxious to start her next treatment.

Our appointment is about 30 minutes, which isn’t a long time given that we usually come armed with lists and questions. The time goes by very quickly. We started the appointment off with the doctor doing a quick assessment of her skin. The doctor was confident that her skin would eventually clear up. She told us to be patient and keep doing what we are doing and her acne would eventually get better. Then my daughter was anxious to ask a few of her prepared questions. These are the questions that she picked to ask the doctor and the response to these questions.

Question: Does my skin look better since you last saw me?

Answer: It looks about the same, which is a good thing, especially without any products for the last two weeks. This is a good sign.

Question: Is there any safe cover up makeup that I can use to hide my zits?

Answer: I think it is best that you try not to use any unnecessary makeup, at least for right now.

Question: Do I have to give up French fries forever?

Answer: Not forever but just do your best to cut down on these kinds of greasy foods, its not helping your skin.

Question: Why do I have to drink so much water?

Answer: Water flushes the body naturally and in turn improves your skin. It is a great habit to get into even if when you have clear skin.

Question: Can I pick my next acne medicine?

Answer: Yes, it sounds like you and your mom have come up with a few great products, we can talk about one of them today.

The question/answer period was over and it was time to decide the next course of action. I discussed the products that we had researched. These included the Oxy-10, Clear by Design, Fostex and Dermaclear. The doctor had also done some research and wanted us to do one more week of no treatments, increased water intake and then we would start the Dermaclear. The doctor discussed some of experiences with teenagers who used Dermaclear and they were mostly positive. She did tell us not to get our hopes up that it would magically work in a week, but to remain positive. The appointment ended and we finally had a plan for our next course of treatment. We scheduled another appointment for later in May.


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