The New Girl at School has Really Bad Acne!

I hate to think that the old phrase, misery loves company, is true, but it just might be. Today my daughter informed me that the new girl in her school has “really bad acne.” When she said it I was a little taken aback by what appeared to me to be a lack of emotionality. I am not sure if I expected her to look like she felt bad for the new girl, or for the words that she used to be different but I at least expected that she would show a shred of empathy for the new girl with “really bad acne.”

What should you expect from a teenager? I was hoping for sympathy, empathy, sorrow, or something along those lines, but instead it was as if she was telling me she wanted soup for dinner. Her comment was so flippant and unemotional I couldn’t help but be disappointed in her lack of emotion for this girl. Maybe I am reading into things and she really did feel bad on the inside for this girl and just didn’t express it in her comment. I hope that some little part of her recognized how hard it must be to come to a new school and have to not only been the new kid but the new kid with “really bad acne.”

We have all been in situations where someone has it a little bit worse off than us and rather than feel bad for them, we feel relieved for ourselves. On some level my daughter may be feeling that for the first time in a long time her acne is not quite as bad as someone else, which takes the pressure off of her. Teenagers often times think that the world revolves around them. It is difficult for them to empathize with others because they are so self-absorbed. Learning how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is just a part of growing up. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on her for just being a teenager, but I was disappointed.

Rather than get too caught up in how I thought my daughter should have felt about the new girl with “really bad acne,” I simply reminded her how hard things must be for the girl. “You should really make an extra effort to make her feel welcome,” I told my daughter. “You know how hard it is to struggle with acne; don’t forget how it might feel for other people.” “I know mom,” she said.


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