Questions for the Dermatologist

The days of Proactiv are now behind us. My daughter is now applying nothing but moisturizer twice a day to her skin. She is a little bit unsettled about not using a treatment, while I am thinking that a break may just be good for her skin at this point. It has been awhile since her face has had a break from all of the acne products.

Two weeks goes quick and so far she is doing everything the doctor asked of her, at least when I am around. I can’t speak to what she does at school but I can only hope that she understands the importance of following her doctor’s requests. I realize she is frustrated with this acne situation but she has to be a part of the solution to make things better for herself.

We sat down today and began to draft a list of questions for her appointment later this month. The appointments are time limited and the last few appointments have really been information sharing and conversation. This next appointment will be where we decide the next course of action. She was very receptive to working with me to develop the following list of for her next dermatologist appointment.

These are the questions that she came up with:

  • Does my skin look better since you last saw me?
  • What is the next treatment that I will be starting?
  • Is there any safe cover up makeup that I can use to hide my zits?
  • Do I have to give up French fries forever?
  • Why do I have to drink so much water?
  • Is there a natural treatment that will work to clear up my zits?
  • Do I have to come back for another appointment?
  • Can I pick my next acne medicine?

I encouraged my daughter to take some responsibility for her next appointment by being the one to ask the questions of her doctor. I think that she did a great job choosing questions that she needed the answers to. Rather than asking me these questions, it is better that she hear the information right from her doctor. She is still feeling that her acne is going to flare up because she is not using any treatments right now, so making up a list of questions was one way to keep her from worrying. I told her that she should continue to write down questions in her journal as she thought of them. It is her appointment and her skin, she should make the most of the time that she has with her doctor.


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