Finishing Proactiv

Two weeks or so ago my daughter had her third appointment with the dermatologist, at that time we had about a two week supply of Proactiv. We were advised to finish the supply that we had on hand and not to reorder any more Proactiv. The dermatologist advised my daughter to use the supply of moisturizer that she had twice a day after she stopped using Proactiv.

Today is the last of our supply. My daughter let me know that she was at the end of her supply and asked me if I had reordered more Proactiv. I reminded her of the plan that we made with the dermatologist, she looked worried. She said, “what if my zits get worse?” I reminded her that we have to try different treatments to find the one that is going to finally work. She seemed agreeable to this plan at the appointment but now I sensed that she is anxious about her acne getting worse.

I once again reviewed the plan with her in detail. Now that we are out of Proactiv she has to pay extra close attention to what she eats and drinks. The doctor specifically asked that she stop the spicy foods, and continue drinking at least four glasses of water a day and keep writing in her journal. The dermatologist also advised that she not use any makeup and apply only her moisturizer for two weeks.

The goal for the two weeks of no acne treatment is to give my daughters face a break before starting another acne regime. I reminded my daughter that she promised the doctor that she would write in her journal every day so we can note any changes that are occurring in her skin without any medication. Our next appointment is at the end of March and at that time we will reevaluate her skin condition without any treatment and decide the next course of action. I will be paying very close attention in these next two weeks to ensure that my daughter is holding up her end of the bargain.


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