Can How You Wash Your Hair Affect Your Acne?

I read somewhere, in my quest for the ultimate acne cure, that even the drips from the shampoo and conditioner can contribute to facial acne. In addition to how you wash your hair, the kind of shampoo and/or conditioner that you use can be an acne contributor. It does make sense that having hair hanging in your face can’t be good for acne, but I was surprised to learn that the actual shampoo you use and the method of hair washing can contribute to acne.

Washing your hair in the sink is a definite no-no for people who suffer with acne. When you wash your hair in the sink you have to lean over causing the water and hair care products to drip downward, inadvertently getting onto your face. If you have already applied the acne product it will cause it to wash away. Additionally, all of that bacteria and dirt that you are washing out of your hair will drip onto your face, possibly contributing to acne.

My daughter washes her hair everyday and does occasionally wash it in the sink, but not enough for this to be a major issue. Typically she takes a shower but I can’t say for sure how she is washing her hair. For all I know she may be standing facing the water and in that case the same concerns about dirt and shampoo dripping on her face stand to reason.

Laureth Sulfate is an ingredient commonly found in shampoo. This ingredient is often an irritant for people with acne and sensitive skin. It is a cheap ingredient and is what makes the shampoo foam. I checked our shampoo bottle and it does in fact contain laureth sulfate. Exposing the skin to this product, especially every day, can be another reason why her acne is not getting better. Using a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient is said to be safer for people with skin conditions. Most of the natural shampoos or baby shampoos are gentle on the skin. I removed the bottle from our shower and replaced it with a bottle of baby shampoo that we can all use.

I later talked with my daughter about what I had learned. It turns out that she was practicing all of the bad habits that I mentioned above. I let her know that I replaced our shampoo and gave her some tips for showering to avoid products dripping on her face. To my surprise she was receptive to my suggestions and she even liked the idea of the baby shampoo because it smells clean. It is interesting the things that you least expect can have such a major impact on your skin.


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