More Acne Myths Revealed

The information that I found really helped me put this acne situation into perspective. Here are a few more tips that I came across that debunked the common misconceptions that are out there today. Myths get started in a variety of ways, usually most stemmed from a shred of truths. I have taken the time to list more of the truths behind some of the common myths.

The Truth: Natural remedies don’t always work as well as traditional acne treatments. While natural treatments do have benefits it is proven that the holistic treatments do not have the active ingredients of most over the counter or prescribed acne medications. I have always been a fan of natural remedies and have encouraged my daughter to use these either in between treatments or as a “medication holiday.” The truth is, while these treatments contain natural ingredients they may not always work well for acne. Typically natural and holistic acne remedies can do wonders in making skin soft, smooth and even diminishing a one time breakout or mild acne. When it comes to severe or chronic acne these natural ingredients may not make any marked difference in the acne. Natural products typically take a long time to work their way into the skin to make a significant difference. Most people who are looking to cure acne want a quick fix rather than months of soft skin covered with acne. There are products that are stronger that are made with some natural ingredients that will tend to work quicker than the all holistic remedies.

The Truth: Yoga alone does not cure acne. It is true that exercise, eating right and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle does contribute to good skin, unfortunately one of these things alone does not cure acne. A combination of healthy lifestyle choices does affect many things such as acne, weight, skin conditions and self-esteem. Yoga, just like any exercise offers great benefits to people but alone it will not cure acne. Yoga does reduce stress and improve flexibility and mental clarity, which eventually will lead to a healthy body, including clearer skin. There is really no downside to yoga or any exercise for that matter but starting a yoga class is no guarantee that your skin will clear up. Exercise in combination with an effective medication and a healthy lifestyle significantly increases your chances for better skin.

The Truth: Eating chocolate will not cause acne. We are all familiar with the term; you are what you eat, and while there is truth to this, eating habits alone do not cause acne. It is true that what you put into your body on a regular basis does affect your weight, health and overall feeling of well being. If your diet consists of chocolate, french fries and potato chips, chances are there may be some health consequences to those food choices. Eating these tings occasionally will not result in severe acne breakouts, nor cause them to get worse in the grand scheme of things. Acne breakouts occur from several different circumstances, including genetics. Be mindful of your lifestyle, but you don’t have to worry that a zit will pop out every time you have a small piece of chocolate or a handful of chips.


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