Are you there God, it’s me Margaret?

Last week, my daughter got her period for the first time. She didn’t really need my help with anything, but I can’t help but wonder if there is something else I should do as a parent to guide her through this gateway to womanhood. I don’t want to be corny or doting, but I do want to be supportive. I also want to make sure that the information she has comes from good sources. What I do know is that she is a smart kid, despite her attitude and her moodiness; she makes good decisions and generally will talk with me or my husband if something comes up that she can’t handle.

I did what I always do and hopped on my trusty laptop in search of something that would help me know that I was responding to her in the right way. While I already know that too much information might drive me crazy rather than help me, I Googled anyway! I came across a book called Are You There God, Its Me Margaret, by Judy Blume. It was published in 1970, but it is one of those books that despite the date has information that is timeless. All girls get their period and have questions about it. The book is written specifically for a young woman reaching puberty, this type of situation does not go out of date

Judy Blume is an author that writes in a tone that appeals to young adults. Her books are written mostly for girls. I remember reading some of her books when I was younger and when I saw the title of this book, I remembered it vaguely. The author was cutting edge back in the 1970’s, but even now the book makes sense. I am sure my daughter will think I went into the attic and dug out my box of books from when I was growing up, but actually I ordered the book on Amazon for less than $10 and it arrived in just a few days.

Even though I know she knows about puberty, her period and has the basics down, this book is my way of reaching out to her. I am hoping that she will read it, learn from it and enjoy it and maybe she will even talk to me about it.  I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.


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