The Third Trip to the Dermatologist

Our third trip to the dermatologist was yesterday and I think we are ready to move forward with a change in my daughter’s acne regime. The first two appointments were primarily informational. In our first visits we gave information about family history and our roller coaster ride with our various acne treatments. My daughter’s homework assignment was to keep a journal about her eating habits and any changes in her skin condition. The doctor really wanted to get a handle on the cause of the acne before making any changes to her treatments.

Currently we are still using Proactiv, which has unfortunately not produced any miracle results. Much like the other treatments we have used, it didn’t make the acne worse but didn’t make it significantly better either. Status quo seemed to be the results for most of the treatments we have tried up to this point.

The dermatologist reviewed my daughter’s acne journal and surprisingly didn’t say much about the missed entries. She did however comment on her eating habits, specifically the fries, pizza and other various snack foods that seemed to emerge as a primary food group. The dermatologist informed my daughter that spicy foods such as salsa, tomato sauces and chili have long been thought to cause acne flare ups. My daughter didn’t have flare ups but she also still has acne, so this food is probably not helping matters.

The dermatologist asked how much Proactiv we had left and I told her about a two week supply. She advised that we finish the treatments and not reorder. She did say to use the moisturizer in the morning and at night to avoid getting dry skin. The plan was to finish up Proactiv, stop the spicy foods, and continue drinking at least four glasses of water a day, no makeup, only moisturizer and no acne medication for another two weeks.

Her goal was to give my daughter’s skin a break before starting another acne regime. She did ask that my daughter continue to keep her journal. It is especially important that after stopping Proactiv that she write in this every single day so the doctor can really see any changes that are occurring in her skin without any medication. We made a fourth appointment for late March. This is definitely a step in the right direction.


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  1. have you ever heard of using red wine vinegar? My daughter was having a lot of problems with acne too and a friend told us about this – just get organic red wine vinegar from the grocery store and cotton balls – use it at night after a shower and in the morning after washing face with hot rag and then cold rag (no soap). Try it first on the weekend because it may make her face have a red tint at first. It really helped my daughter maybe it will help you too. Good luck. Sometimes the old folks remedies work better!

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