She Got her Period

I knew the day would come eventually. She yelled down to me from her room and asked me to come upstairs. She then informed me through the bathroom door very matter of factly that she had gotten her period and asked me if I had anything like a “pad or something.” I said that I would be right back and knocked on the door, she opened it just a crack and I handed her a box of maxi pads. At this point I wasn’t sure if I should linger around outside, say something profound or force her to let me in. I knocked again and asked if there was anything I could do for her. She replied; “Nope, I am set, thanks.” I stood there for a minute then went back downstairs and waited for her to come down.

When she came down she didn’t look like a girl who just got her period. I am not sure if I expected her to look all grown up or have a certain I just got my period look about her. She was calm, cool and collected, to say the least. I waited until my husband had left and my son was out of ear shot and asked her if she was ok? She said “ya mom, it’s not like I don’t know about this stuff, all my friends have gotten it already.” I replied, “I just want you to know that if you have any questions, or want to talk I am here for you”. “I know,” she said and smiled.

Again, I am not sure what I expected was going to happen. I knew the day was coming any time but as a mother you can never be emotionally prepared for these kinds of milestones, even if you are expecting them. I know that she had the famous video in health class that taught her about the physical changes her body would go through as a teenage girl. We have had a few conversations about how the female body works, hormones and what to expect in her teenage years, so I guess that she is probably as knowledgably and prepared as any teenager can be.

It just seems like as her mother I should be doing more for her than handing her a box of maxi pads. On the other hand maybe I should stop worrying about what I can do and just be proud that she is so well-informed that she is able to handle anything that life throws at her with such confidence and ease.


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