Acne and Depression

I have been haunted recently by the lingering thought that my daughter may be depressed. I will be the first to admit that I think too much and I read too much, which causes my brain to get overloaded with information. Some of the information is helpful, but the rest can cause me chronic worry.

That call a week or so ago from my daughter’s teacher telling me that she was “withdrawn and miserable” really got me thinking. Depression in teenagers is not uncommon. I know she is down and out over the acne, plus her hormones are probably not helping how she feels emotionally. If people other than those who live with her are noticing her bad moods, this worries me.

I haven’t given much thought to depression until just recently. The changes that happen to teenagers naturally cause ups and downs in emotions, this is completely normal. Until now I just wrote off her moodiness as normal teenage behavior, but maybe I should pay closer attention to her behavior and how she is acting towards other areas of her life such as her friends and her schoolwork.

There is a distinct difference between a case of normal depression and clinical depression. We all get depressed and down from time to time, this is just part of being human. Depression is normal; it comes and goes, generally when times get tough, such as failing a test, developing acne or loosing a pet. Clinical depression is typically a lingering depression that seeps into all areas of life and affects things like sleep patterns, concentration and general self esteem.

Her acne definitely affects how she feels about herself, but I never considered she would be depressed because of it. Any type of depression in a teenager can be a cause for concern just because teenagers haven’t yet learned how to deal with the changing feelings that come with growing up. I may be over thinking things, which I tend to do on occasion! Acne is one of the common triggers that causes depression, especially in teen girls. I can’t help but wonder if I should be worried?


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