Why Don’t Boys Get Zits?

“Hey Mom, do boys get zits?” my daughter blurted out. As if I had a good answer for that question off the top of my head. “Sure they do, everyone gets zits,” I said to her. “What do you think? Zits are only for girls?” I attempted to make a joke, but she just huffed at me as if to make very clear that it was not funny!

Despite my feeble attempt at humor, my daughter still engaged me in the conversation, much to my surprise. She told me that she didn’t think any of the boys that went to her school had zits. I told her that she would be surprised, but they probably did and she just didn’t notice them. Despite what she thinks her acne is probably much LESS noticeable to other people than it is to her. I asked her if she ever heard the term self-conscious. She said that she didn’t know what that word meant.

I went on to explain that being self-conscious means to be aware of yourself. While it is good to be aware of how you act and look, sometimes, we become too focused on the things that bother us about ourselves. When we are over-aware of things about ourselves, like acne or being overweight or not liking the outfit that we have on it can make us play tricks on ourselves. Being overly self-conscious can cause us to think that everyone else notices all of our flaws, when really they may not. Being self-conscious is a good thing because we are aware of ourselves, but being overly self-conscious can cause us to be too worried about how we look. My daughter is definitely self-conscious about her acne and it has gotten much worse in the past few weeks.

I told her that maybe the boys at her school did have zits and she just didn’t notice them? She insisted that boys don’t get zits. I promised her that zits were not reserved just for girls. I told her not to stare, but if she paid closer attention, I am sure that she would see that many of the kids at her school are dealing with acne, just like she is and they probably have zits. She shrugged and said “I doubt it”, and just as quickly as the conversation started, it ended.


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