Could Holiday Eating Cause an Acne Flare Up Now?

The holidays seem like months ago, but really Christmas was just 30 days ago. It doesn’t even seem believable. When my daughter came to me frantic because her face broke out I automatically thought that maybe it was the holiday snacks kicking in. Chips, cookies, cakes and chocolate eventually will take their toll on acne prone skin.

Just like weight gain can happen gradually and even weeks after a splurge, the foods we eat sometimes just take a little bit of time to do their damage to the skin. Suddenly you wake up 10lbs heavier and with acne flare up. In this case my daughter just got the flare up and she was spared the weight gain. I don’t want to scare her but I want her to learn to pay attention to the foods she eats and the impact they can have on her, especially as she gets older.

I did caution her around the holidays to be mindful of what and how much she was eating. I know that it is hard to do when there are so many good things to choose from. We go from one holiday visit to another and everywhere you turn is a really tempting sugary snack. Even the drinks like the egg nog and hot chocolate are loaded with ingredients that are just waiting to wreak havoc on the skin.

When my daughter frantically came to me pointing at her forehead which had broken out, after calming her down I instructed her to go to the bathroom and wash her face with warm water. I advised her that after she had washed her face to apply a warm face cloth to the pimples and under no circumstances was she to try and pick at them or pop them. Luckily it was the weekend so we didn’t have the added stress of worrying about covering anything up for school.

Once she had washed her face and hands and applied some warm water to the zits I told her just to forget about them. Don’t apply her product just yet but rather just keep her hands off of her face and wash it with warm water throughout the day and then at bedtime apply Proactiv.  Of course this entire process was not as calm as I describe it, rather through my daughters franticness it was hard to get a word of instruction in. She ultimately followed my direction and eventually calmed down.

Unfortunately there is little you can do after the fact for an acne flare up. Prevention is really the only way to avoid a flare up and even that is not foolproof. I reminded my daughter that she would get through this just like she got through all of the others. I advised her to give her face a break for today and more than likely the flare up would be better tomorrow.



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  1. Mom, Thanks for the post. After a flare up, you can help speed healing and unblock those pore with glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and you don’t need to go to a doctor to get these.

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