She “NEEDS” a Cell Phone

Here I am worrying about my teenage daughter and her acne and she springs on me that she “NEEDS” a cell phone. I wasn’t prepared for this request. I am knee deep in work that is backed up from the December, adamant to make sure that she is religiously keeping her journal for her next dermatology appointment and trying frantically to keep on top of my son’s upcoming school events and she chooses now to tell me that she “NEEDS” a cell phone.

I have not even given the idea of getting my kids’ cell phones a first thought. I know that we are in the age of technology and that “everybody has one,” at least according to my daughter, but I haven’t even prepared myself to think about the cell phone topic. I can tell you that she is going to have a hard time selling me on the idea of a cell phone. I really don’t see how or why she would need one at this point in her life. I talked with my husband about my daughter’s request. He shrugged and said “I guess all of the kids do have them these days.” This was not the answer that I wanted to hear.

My response to her claims that she “NEEDS” a cell phone was “No can do.” It was that simple and quick. She attempted to make her case by saying that everyone but her has one and what if she got stuck somewhere and had to reach me? The last feeble attempt was to guilt me by telling me that I would be sorry if she needs to call 911 and can’t because I wouldn’t get her a cell phone.

Her arguments didn’t move me nor did they alter my position on the cell phone thing.  Personally, at this point I am not feeling that she “NEEDS” a cell phone or is in any state of danger because she doesn’t have one. I am sure that I will change my mind at 15 or 16 when she is driving or going out more frequently, but for now the answer is “NO.”


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