Hormones Questions Answered

I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter had written a few questions down for us to discuss. I guess our frigid walk and hormone talk the other night proved to be at least a little bit helpful for her. She actually came to me and showed me the journal page with her questions written down.

Here is her list of questions:

  1. When I stop developing will the zits go away?
  2. What is puberty and am I in it?
  3. Am I going to get fat?
  4. What else besides zits will happen to me?

I read them silently then asked her, “Are these for me to answer or would you rather talk with your doctor about them?” She shrugged and said she didn’t care who answered them and that she may have some more questions that need to be answered just as soon as she thinks of them. I responded with “OK, I will do my best to answer these, but maybe you can leave the list in your journal there and talk with your doctor also, she too may also have information that is helpful for you.” I chose to give her an explanation that would hopefully answer all of her questions at once.

Here is the reply that I provided to my daughter in response to her questions.

Puberty is the time when your body starts to grow and change physically and emotionally from a child into an adult. When you start seeing things like zits, hair growth or weight gain and feeling moody and emotional it is a good sign that you are at the beginning stages of puberty. Puberty doesn’t just happen in one day, for some it is an easy transition, for others it is more difficult. It really depends on the individual.

As for your acne, it will probably go away on its own when your body hits a certain point in your development. Until then we will just keep looking for the right treatments that will help reduce some of the zits that are caused by the hormones in your body. Usually at about 17 or 18 your body reaches a point where it stops growing and developing so rapidly and the hormones in the body begin to balance out for good.

You have to know that sometimes even grown ups get zits too though. This is because throughout our life our bodies are constantly changing physically and emotionally. The changes are not quite as intense as those we feel during puberty but they do cause things like zits or stress or weight gain, even after puberty is over.

That is why it is so important to eat healthy, take care of your skin and drink lots of water, now and as an adult. You wont’ get fat if you pay attention to these things now. Developing good habits will help your body develop properly and maintain a healthy balance and reduce things like acne and weight gain. Finally, I told my daughter that her teenage years are difficult and I am always here to help her understand the changes that are going on with her on the inside and the outside.


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