Seeing the Dermatologist Again

Wow, a month goes by quickly. It is time for our second appointment with the dermatologist. I hope that my daughter would be just a little bit uncomfortable at the appointment because she had not done her homework as thoroughly as she should have. My daughter’s journal assignment was supposed to be used at this appointment to determine her next course of acne treatment. The information was a bit scarce and I hope that her unpreparedness will be a natural consequence for her when she has to explain the blank pages in her journal to her doctor.

The first thing the doctor asked for was the journal. The doctor went easy on her; actually she seemed surprised that she had as much information written down as she did. The doctor did think that her diet was playing a role in her acne. Given that the month she was keeping track of her eating habits was the holiday season it probably looked much worse that her regular eating habits. My daughter discussed her list of the good and bad things about Proactiv. The good list was not very substantial. The cons that she listed included: still having zits, her acne not going away and there not being any difference in Proactiv from her past treatments.

This appointment included a lot of conversation and information sharing. The doctor would like to see us monthly at least until we can determine the best course of treatment. She gave my daughter another assignment for the upcoming month. In addition to continuing her journal-EVERY DAY, she would like her to drink four glasses of water a day and limit her intake of spicy foods to once a week. She specifically suggested that she stay away from greasy foods like french fries and potato chips and foods like salsa and spicy sauces.

She wants us to order another month supply of Proactiv and come back in late February. She asked my daughter to promise that she would follow her directions. She explained it would be a slow process but ruling out one thing at a time would bring us closer to the reason why the acne is not going away and determine a course of treatment that would work for her.  


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