New Year’s Resolutions for the Family

The thought of a New Year always leaves me with bittersweet feelings. While leaving the old year behind is a bit sad, it also brings hope that things will be just a little bit better in the upcoming year. The only problem with making New Year’s resolutions is that usually by January 3rd we fall right back into old habits.

This year rather than making ten elaborate resolutions that I probably won’t keep like loosing 20 pounds, not drinking too much coffee or exercising every day, I thought we would make a few family resolutions that are a little bit more attainable. Of course I still have a few personal resolutions (named above) that I will keep to myself, just in case I don’t follow through on them.

I mentioned to my family that we should come up with a few resolutions or goals that together we could strive for in the upcoming year. The family resolutions should be things that will benefit the entire family and rather than be elaborate and unattainable, they should be simple and reachable goals that we can work towards as a family.

My suggestion about the family resolutions was met with an eye roll from my daughter, as usual. My husband, the man of few words, just nodded his head. My son was all for it and immediately told us that his resolution was to get to Disneyland this year. While Disneyland just wasn’t in the cards for us this year, it got our resolution list rolling. Although we couldn’t commit to such an expensive vacation, we could begin our list by planning a family vacation. This became the first idea on the family list of 2011 New Year’s plans.

I suggested that we should all make a point of having a sit down dinner together at least twice a week. With everyone’s busy schedules it seems that dinner has become somewhat a buffet instead of a sit down dinner these days. I really want to get back to sitting down together and talking about the day. It may sound old school by none the less it is important to me.

My husband thought that we should all make a better effort to pay attention to things around the house. His examples were; the clutter in the garage, the garbage cans remaining at the edge of the driveway until he pulls them in and the fact that light bulbs have been out in the closet for weeks on end before someone tells him about it. We agreed that once a month we would do a family cleanup day and de-clutter our closets clean the garage and take care of the little things around the house which really are everyone’s responsibility.

While my daughter offered no specific resolution she seemed to be agreeable to the ones we came up with for the family. I thought it was a good start to 2011. Here is our final family New Year’s resolution list.

  • Plan a family vacation.
  • Eat dinner together at the same table at least twice a week.
  • Participate in chores around the house with a once a month deep cleaning day.

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