Out of the Mouths of Babes

The excitement of Christmas and the holiday season is over in a flash, much like every year. Family comes and goes, too much money is spent on gifts and all of a sudden you wake up on December 26th and what is left is the mess of boxes and wrapping paper and a heap of gifts that now need a permanent home in a closet or on a shelf. Sometimes I have to wonder if it is all worth it.

My son’s excitement offset my daughter’s teenage moodiness during the holiday season, especially on Christmas morning. He opened every gift wide eyed and appreciative while my daughter had what appeared to be a glued on frown for most of Christmas day. My husband and I tried not to drawn any attention to her moodiness, rather we just shared in my sons youthful excitement, just hoping our daughter may just catch some of his enthusiasm.

Often, it’s the smallest interactions or the simplest of gifts that makes the most impact and the best holiday memory. No gift on this particular day could have been more memorable that the quick interaction that took place between my son and daughter on Christmas morning.

My son must have noticed our daughter’s lack of enthusiasm for Christmas because he looked at her and said “Are you sad because you don’t like any of your gifts?” “I’m not sad,” she said. And he very eloquently blurted out, “Well, I think you are perfect even if you do have zits sis. Do you like the gift I got you?”

My husband and I had all we could do to hold back our laughter. We didn’t say a word and neither did she, but we did see a little bit of a smile cross her face. How can anyone not smile at that comment? My son just said what he felt and then went about his business of opening gifts and being happy. Despite his statement being a little bit awkward, it was cute and heartfelt. He wanted to let his sister know that he loved her and he did just that in his own little childish way. Little did he know that we will all remember this comment for years to come, including his sister who one day will laugh about it.


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