The Holidays

The holiday season is always a bit hectic for everyone, this probably goes without saying. It seems that the deeper into December it gets, holiday preparation takes priority over the everyday mundane tasks like grocery shopping, reminding the kids to do their homework and keeping up with the evening news. The days fly by and I find myself hitting my pillow every night exhausted from the day. Just because the season is here doesn’t mean everything else goes away, it just means we have to pack more into the same amount of time.

Unfortunately the hustle and bustle of the holiday season makes it that much harder for me (and my daughter) to pay close attention to the acne treatments that have worked so hard to maintain. In some ways it is good that we can take our minds off of her acne for a bit, but on the other hand it could be damaging.

We have come so far in developing a routine that is at least keeping the acne in a dormant state. Don’t get me wrong, we are not seeing any miracles here or major improvements but we are also not seeing any outbreaks. For now I am happy to just keep things at status quo. I do have to continue to remind her of the importance of maintaining her routine. By her routine, I don’t just mean Proactiv. I also mean her eating habits, her water intake and making sure she is washing her face often and applying her sunscreen and her moisturizer.

The worst thing about the holidays for someone who struggles with acne is the unlimited snack foods and sugar available. Just like any holiday season, food comes in every size, shape, form and color and most of it is oozing with sugar. The parties at school and the get together with family and friends all offer an array of yummy snacks that most of us can’t pass up. I went to the bank just last week and there was a colorful plate of cookies available for the customers just to wish us happy holidays.

I can’t control everything she eats, (I can’t even control everything I eat for the entire month of December) but I can continue to remind her of the importance of her acne treatments, eating habits and water intake. The fact is, when December is over we don’t want her acne to be worse, we want it to at least stay at status quo.


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