Green Tea has Healing Properties

I have taken a silent stand over the past few months on increasing the healthy choices that are available in our house. The way I figure it, she who does the cooking and shopping, controls what goes in the cabinets and on the table. My family has expressed their discontent recently about the lack of sugar in the cabinets. I have been trying to boost the water consumption and lessen the sugar juices, soft drinks that are so easy to grab from the cabinets by simply just not purchasing things that are unhealthy. Despite my discretion, they have begun to notice enough to complain about it.

In an effort to meet them half way I have looked into some different types of more healthy drinks and snacks that may be a little bit more appealing to them. I came across some information on Green Tea. It is thought that green tea has many healing properties. The good thing about green tea is that it comes hot and cold and is a healthy alternative to water. I thought I would give it a try, to maybe lessen the gripes that are coming from my family.

Green tea is thought to be a natural cleansing agent. It is said to remove toxins in the body while increasing energy and burning fat naturally. Not only does green tea naturally cleanse but it offers prevention against many diseases. I have heard nothing other than positive reviews on green tea.

My goal is to introduce them to the fresh brewed green tea which I plan to serve at dinner as an alternative to water. I found a recipe that is really simple using green tea bags that can be purchased in the grocery store. I hope they like it.

  • 2 green tea bags per quart of water.
  • Place the bags in the water in a sealed container for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • When cooled, stir and serve with ice.
  • For additional flavor you can add in lemon, lime or other fruit to the tea.

Lipton and Nestea also sell green tea in the individual single serving bottles, or you can buy it by the case in many of the grocery stores. Some of it is sweetened with artificial sweeteners but there are brands that do come unsweetened. It is not as good as the fresh brewed stuff but better than soda and sugary juice drinks.


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