Acne Treatment Secrets

A sleepover definitely makes it hard to hide the acne treatment products displayed like a showcase in our bathroom. My daughter decided that she wanted to have a sleepover with 5 of her girlfriends. She has had a friend or two sleep over in the past but I have to say my household has yet to see the presence of 6 teenage girls all at once for a full 24 hours.

Although I wanted to say “NO WAY”, I didn’t. Instead I told her to clear it through her father to make sure he didn’t have anything going on for the weekend. Of course daddy said “ask your mother” and I was left holding the bag. There was really no good reason for me to say no to her request. I did tell her that she would have to make all of the arrangements with her friends and they could all ride the bus together to our house on Friday.

Scary movies, snacks, sugary drinks and a jewelry making kit were on my to-do list for the sleepover. She was responsible for cleaning up the house; including her room and making sure that everyone had a blanket and a pillow. While she was in the midst of the final touches of her cleaning frenzy on Thursday I noticed that she moved her Proactive treatment. When she started the treatment we set up the products so it was easily displayed in our bathroom with the extra stuff in a closet. We did this to make it easier for her to remember to use it. For some reason she took it all off of the sink and put it in the closet. There was not a trace of Proactiv visible in our bathroom.

I asked her point-blank if her friends knew about her acne treatments. She shrugged and said she hadn’t told them and that she was “kind of embarrassed to leave it out on the sink”. To me, using an acne treatment is much less embarrassing than having acne, but to a 13-year-old girl I guess the whole acne thing is embarrassing enough to hide her products.

I felt compelled to point out to her that her friends are her friends regardless of her acne. “They are coming over for a sleepover because they like you and probably don’t care that you use Proactiv”.

“I know mom but I just don’t want to leave it out for them to see. I don’t want anyone asking me questions about it; I don’t feel like talking about acne at my sleepover OK”?

“OK”, I replied, and left it at that.


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