Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse than a teenage daughter with acne and a bad attitude! I have a hunch that my daughter may just be starting to notice boys. Of course she hasn’t told me this but we will call it mother’s intuition or overhearing her on the phone. It isn’t that I was eves dropping on her telephone conversation but I just happened to be in the hallway when she was on the cordless one evening with one of her girlfriends. Between the laughs and giggles I heard her mention a boy in her class and something about sitting with him at lunch. Most of the conversation was muffled, but I heard enough to panic.

Teenage girls transform into strange little giggly creatures when boys enter the picture. I knew the day would come but had hoped it would be a few more years from now. I may be overreacting; technically I wouldn’t be worried right now if I didn’t overhear her phone conversation in the first place. Like I said, she hasn’t mentioned anything to me about any boys nor has she shown the slightest interest in boys up to this point.

I may be behind the times but I am not interested in my kids having a cell phone. I know that most kids, especially teenagers, have a cell phone but I really do not see the need at this point. My daughter has not made much of an issue about it to my surprise. If she goes out to the mall or someplace without us I usually give her my phone to use in case of emergencies. If she were getting calls from boys on our home phone I would certainly have known about it by now because I probably would have answered the phone. I suppose that email and instant messaging and school study halls are just as much of an option to talk with boys as a cell phone.

I may be getting ahead of myself with worry over the boy thing. It was just one innocently overheard conversation from which I made many assumptions about. I did have to talk with my husband about my hunch, just to sort through it. He really didn’t seem that surprised or worried. He thought I was overreacting. “All this worry from one little phone conversation that you weren’t even a part of”? He also pointed out that although I heard what I heard I didn’t hear the other end of the conversation. He made a good point. I am still worried, but until I have some solid evidence about the boy thing I will stick with worrying about her acne.


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