Proactiv Progress?

It has been a few weeks since my daughter started to use the Proactiv treatment. At this point, it is still hard to tell if there has been a change in my daughter’s skin. I am still hopeful because I realize now that there is no overnight cure for acne, despite what the advertisements promise. Proactiv has good reviews, a good track record of success stories and is a simple system for her to use. I keep reminding myself of all of these things to keep my optimism up.

We haven’t discussed acne too much these days. As I mentioned before, I am trying to help my daughter and myself be less focused on the acne and more focused on other things going on in our lives. Spending too much time waiting and wondering when something is going to change has never made anything happen more quickly. My daughter hasn’t mentioned liking or not liking Proactiv. She is probably emotionally numb by now to acne treatments in general because she has been on so many over the last year or so.

I decided to ask her what she thought about Proactiv and keeping with her teenage self her response was, “it’s OK.” This does not give me much information to go with, especially since I personally have not seen any significant change since she started using Proactiv.

Despite not having a great deal of information or seeing visible changes to her skin, the treatments are not making matters worse. She hasn’t had any major acne flare ups since she began using Proactiv. Her skin is not greasy or oily from the treatment. She does apply the treatment daily and without complaint. All of these facts are positive, even if they are not quite the miracle results we were hoping for.

Patience is a virtue and I do realize that sometimes we are both impatient when it comes to the treatments. I did read that it can take several weeks for significant results to be evident. Over these next few weeks, I will be sure to pay closer attention to her skin to see if there have been any changes or improvements beyond the status quo.


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  1. Thank you so much for making this blog. My daughter is 11 and she started breaking out at age 9 just a tiny one here and there and then this year before she turned 11 it got really bad. I am trying to decide what to do and I have found your blog really helpful. Again, thank you!

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