Water and More Water

I was making a grocery list last week and while looking through the cabinets in the kitchen, including my overstock pantry, I realized just how many different sugary drinks I have stocked up in there. Several packets of Kool-Aid, containers of Tang and boxes of juice drinks line the shelves. I buy them for lunches, but it seems that the whole family has come to expect them to be in the pantry whenever they want to grab a drink. You would think it is the end of the world if water is the only option. When there are so many other “more tasty” options, water is typically the last choice on the list.

My kids have come to rely on fluids other than good old tap water. We are lucky that we are able to drink our water right from the tap. No need for bottled water or fancy treatment systems that we have to hook up to our faucet. Usually we fill up a big gallon of water and put it in the fridge so it is cold and, unfortunately, I am usually the only one who drinks it. The kids opt for juice boxes or chocolate milk or they will mix up some Tang after school. In fact, rarely will they go for the water.

Of course I am not going to spend a lot of money buying fancy expensive water bottles to con them into drinking water. I am just going to start buying less sugary drinks and put the gallon of cold water on the table at dinner and see how it goes.

Just like our good friend exercise, water is just as important to good skin as any acne treatment. Drinking water not only hydrates the body and gives the body what it needs to function healthily, but it flushes out the system naturally. There are so many factors that can contribute to acne. Here I am trying every acne treatment in the universe and have been forgetting to encourage the most basic of concepts like diet, exercise and drinking water.

I would definitely save some serious money reducing the amount of flashy juice boxes that I purchase in a week. My plan is not to cut them out completely, but I will be significantly reducing the quantity stored in my pantry. The way I figure, juice for school lunches and water or milk for dinner and they are on their own for after school. Hopefully having fewer options in the house will naturally steer them towards more water.


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