Acne Free Zone

Following the bullying incident, I declared today the Acne Free Zone Day. We are not going to talk about acne today. In fact, I am not going to look up anything about acne, or bring it up at any point today. I am not even going to ask my daughter if she applied her Proactiv treatment today. Just for today I will keep quiet and hope for the best.

Taking a hands off approach for a day isn’t going to hurt either of us; in fact it may just help matters. Of course I am not telling my daughter that I am making this big elaborate Acne Free plan, rather I am just going to redirect the topic to something else if acne comes up at all. Sometimes making a big deal about trying not to do something (like talk about acne) makes it harder to succeed in doing it.

Taking our minds off the acne, if just for a little while, is a good plan. Some mother daughter time doing something simple and easy is a great way to connect with her without any pressure. When she came home from school I asked her if she wanted to take a walk with me. It was a nice crisp day and frankly I needed some fresh air and some exercise after being at my computer all day finishing my work projects. “Just a quick walk”, I said to her. She agreed and we walked without talking for quite some time.

The walk was really nice for both of us. Being able to just do something without talking or thinking about the worries of the day is actually as refreshing as talking about the things that weigh us down. When our walk was over I asked her if she would help me out with dinner and she agreed to that also. We may just be on a roll here; this not talking thing may just be a great relationship builder. The Acne Free Zone was a success, at least for today. I think that I will have to try this plan out again sometime very soon.


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