Tips for Starting a New Acne Treatment

The Proactiv package has been sitting on our bathroom shelf for at least a week now, actually it may be two weeks. I decided that before beginning this new chapter in our acne fight we should do some preparation. Preparation is something that we had forgotten to take into consideration between the regime changes in the past. Moving from one treatment to another rapidly is often not good for skin, so this time, we took our time researching some preparation tips rather that just opening the package and hoping for the best.

Taking things slow can have long-term advantages. This time my daughter and I sat down and read the directions from start to finish… you would think we would be pros at this by now. We decided on a start date for Proactiv and talked about some other things that are just as important in the preparation phase before we go live with Proactiv.

I realized that preparation includes so much more than just reading the instructions on the package. It means changing habits that can sabotage any progress and starting habits that can improve the benefits of the product. Reading up on a few tips helped me in my conversation with her about preparing not only her skin, but her state of mind for Proactiv. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when starting a new acne treatment:

Keep your hands off your face. Every time you touch your face it leaves traces of bacteria on your skin, which makes the acne treatment have to work that much harder to get rid of the acne. Keeping your hands occupied will keep them off of your face, which in turn allows the acne treatment to do its job properly.

Stop looking in the mirror and waiting for results. A watched pot never boils makes a great deal of sense right now. Just because you look in the mirror does not mean the acne will disappear in front of your eyes. Focusing on all of your imperfections by looking in the mirror all of the time has never resulted in the product working quicker. In a lot of cases, you won’t notice the subtle changes because you do look at yourself every day. Instead, focus on something besides the mirror for your own sanity.

Wash your hands and face regularly. Washing your hands regularly can keep bacteria from your skin if you do touch your face. The same is true with your face. Removing bacteria from your hands and face may seem like a simple tip, but it is one that many people forget.

Follow the instructions for your treatment. Reading the instructions on the package and faithful applying the product is the key to success. Many times people assume they know how to apply the product and fail to read the instructions properly or thoroughly. Most medicated treatments have instructions for application that have been tested and researched for the best results. Failing to follow these minimizes the chances for the product to work as it should.


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