Creative Grocery Shopping

I have to admit, I am a bit worried about the food my daughter is eating and her acne. After reading through her cafeteria menu, how could I not be worried?

I do most of the grocery shopping so I really have a great deal of control over what is in the house and what goes into the lunches each day. Normally I don’t get too many moans and groans about what is available in the house, but now that I know what I’m up against, a little creative grocery shopping may just keep my kids on the right track with healthy school lunches.

The kids do have some say in what gets purchased for lunch. If they let me know what they want, and it is reasonably healthy and priced, I will add it to the list. I try to limit my trips to the market to once a week, which means by the end of the week the pickings can get a little bit slim. I also try to keep a stash of apples, granola bars, etc. hidden in the pantry, just in case we run out of stuff. I flatly refuse to get into the habit of handing over cash because it’s easier. This would mean the start of a bad habit for them and for me.

I have found that by having different things each week, they tend not to get too bored with their packed lunches. For example, instead of an apple, I might get some applesauce cups, or rather than a granola bar I might bag up some granola cereal and add some raisins or dried cranberries to it. When I have a bit of time, I like to make muffins or fruit salad as I know exactly what is going into my baking.

I find that if I pre-make a few things or bag up something homemade and put it in the snack cabinet; they will add it willingly to their packed lunch. My kids don’t like to put much effort into making lunches, so if I add a few creative choices they will generally just put it in the lunch bag to get the task over with that much more quickly. No complaints here!

They do understand the importance of eating healthily, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t order the fries or the chocolate cake every chance they can get. I realize I can’t control everything they put in their mouths, but I will continue to try to impress upon them the importance of a balanced diet, even if that means getting creative with the shopping and sneaking in a few things that they don’t consider healthy. My daughter especially has to take extra care to ensure that she is eating healthily, if not for her health for her acne. Since I can’t control the school menu or what they eat when I am not around, I can do my best to provide healthy foods and snacks at least when they are at home.


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