Highschool Attitude

I was expecting it, but I am a little surprised that it has arrived so soon. Yes, after only a couple of weeks of school, traces of the teenage ATTITUDE that I have heard so much about have begun to appear. My experience with teenagers, other than through stories, is pretty limited, and this is my first time as the parent of a teenager, and a girl to boot. While the horror stories about teenage girls and their Jekyll and Hyde persona are still only stories to me, I have to admit, I’m dreading them all the same.

Let me clarify that this thing I describe as ATTITUDE is not that bad … yet. It can be better described as a little bit of bold showing through. For example, yesterday when I asked my daughter about school, instead of replying with words she gave me a huff, followed by a snort and then walked away. While this may not seem that bad, it is not the girl who usually is somewhat pleasant and respectful.

I’m not entirely sure if this is just the stress of the new school or the beginning of a long trend. I know that a sudden change in attitude, almost overnight for us, can be caused by many factors, including hormones or frustration about school and the acne and the pressure of being a teenager. All of these things can really take a toll on a teenager.

It is ok to be angry and I do understand where she is coming from, hormones can be a powerful force. I don’t want to lose my cool with her, nor do I want to raise my voice. I do know of other parents who are dealing with much worse than my daughter’s slight attitude problem. My goal is to pay attention to this closely so it does not spiral out of control, not in my house.

Hormones or no hormones, I have raised my family to show a certain level of respect to each other in our home. Outbursts against another member of the family or hurtful words will not be tolerated. While I am not looking forward to dealing with my daughter, she has to know that she is not allowed to run rampant. This is definitely going to be a difficult time, but my husband and I are going to have to work together to set some ground rules for what we expect, no matter what our children are going through.


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