Facing the Realities of Acne

August and September have been busy for us. Shopping and getting all of the last-minute summer time activities out of our system and the events around back to school left little time for much family conversation. Honestly, my daughter has not even talked much about school or her acne in the last few weeks and I have not pried much. She is a teenager now and I am trying to respect her privacy as much as I can while still being supportive. I can only hope that she will seek me out if she needs to talk about things, even if they aren’t related to acne.

She did blurt out at breakfast that she is sick of her zits and that there are so many girls at her school that don’t even have ANY zits at all. “It’s not fair mom”, she said. “When will they go away”? Just when I thought that she wasn’t talking about things because they were no longer the focus of her world anymore, I realized just how wrong I was. She still struggles; she just doesn’t talk about it as much anymore.

I wanted to hug her but instead I reminded her of all of the information I dug up about celebrities with acne. Although she looked at me as if to say, “what is your point”, my feeble attempt at connecting with her teenage side is worth the effort. Hugging her is what any mother would want to do, talking about things that she relates to as a teenage girl may just have more of an impact right now. I reminded her that despite what she may think, she is not the only one who struggles with acne and gets angry about it. “Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson all had acne,” I said to her, “and they went through exactly what you are going through right now until one day they found something that worked for them.” I also pointed out that I am sure there are a lot of other girls and boys at school who have some form of acne, but she just notices the ones without more. I know she’s frustrated, but hopefully, the Proactiv treatment will help and she won’t feel so self-conscious anymore. High school is bad enough without having additional things to worry about!

That entire interaction with my daughter was quick and not very profound, it isn’t going to change her life, but it may just help her to realize that others have struggled with acne and eventually it will go away. We will just keep struggling together until we find something that works for her like it did for those celebrities, or until she grows out of it. One way or the other the acne should go away eventually.


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