Time to Choose a New Acne Product

The time has come choose our next acne regime. The choice of a new product has been weeks in the works. It almost feels like we should throw a party to celebrate something. We have already talked about Neutrogena skiniD not living up to our expectations, so it is no surprise that this time has finally come. Neutrogena didn’t hurt matters, but it certainly has not had me jumping up and down for joy because it has worked miracles either.

I researched the information on Proactiv and Clean & Clear Advantage a few weeks back and asked that my daughter give some serious consideration to one of these products. Our supply on the Neutrogena is running out and it is time to quit while we are ahead, or at least not behind the game.

The beginning of high school with a new skincare product and a new hope for an acne cure sounds good to me. When I asked my daughter about the information I had given her, she shrugged and said, “Whatever one you pick is cool, I don’t really care”. That was not exactly the response I was hoping for but it is better than an argument.

Before she changed her mind about trying something new I told her that we were going to go with Proactiv. Without even giving her the opportunity to NOT engage in this conversation with me, I explained my rationale for choosing Proactiv. It seems easy to apply, the entire kit is about $60.00 including tax and shipping costs, so if it doesn’t work wonders it won’t break the bank, and it has good reviews. The only downside is that we have to order it online, but we can still do that together like we did when we started with Neutrogena skiniD

I refuse to over think this acne thing any more; we are going with Proactiv for the reasons that are most important and obvious to me. No more spending hours at the computer researching exotic products or recipes for organic face wash products made from the fruits of the rainforest, we are keeping it simple this time and going with something that we have already done the research about. And if Proactiv doesn’t work, well I’m trying not to dwell on that right now and instead keep a positive open mind …


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