The Back to School Blues

September 7 is the first day of school. Yes, the day after Labor Day. We haven’t talked too much as a family about going back to school, but just because we haven’t talked about it doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. It’s definitely coming … and quickly. Too much fun and relaxation has us all hoping for summer to never end. I mean, who wants to think about getting up early, what to make for lunch, school books, shopping and of course, the elephant in the room HIGH SCHOOL?

Back to school, regardless of the grade, is hard on the whole family. It marks the end of summer and the return to the early mornings plus the stress of homework, sporting events and a car load of kids. Not to mention, the days start to get shorter and shorter, not only because it gets darker earlier but because we try to cram in so many activities that its dinner time before we know it.

Well, there’s no point ignoring it … summer is coming to an end and I for one have a little bit of the back to school blues.

I am not sure if the kids are getting those back to school blues the same way I am. They haven’t talked much about starting school. It could be because they are kids and just able to go with the flow rather than planning things weeks in advance, like myself. I thought that my daughter would be a little bit more excited about her first day of high school. Maybe she is excited, just not when I am around. She probably talks about it with her friends, after all, she is at that age where mom is not cool and talking to her about stuff is even less cool. It won’t hurt to let her have another week of fun and freedom before bringing up back to school shopping.

Thinking about the summer being over is a little bit depressing but on the other hand, the thought of getting our family routine back to a more of a regular schedule is welcoming. Believe it or not, I sometimes crave the routine of the school year because it is more predictable than the free-flowing days of summer. Dinner can be on time, the kids will have some structure and we can make the most of the time that we spend together, even if it is doing homework at the kitchen table. Back to school for me does brings me a sense of order and control. So, despite having a bit of the back to school blues, there are definitely times that I look forward to September 7 and getting the house back to myself!


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